The transportation and logistics industry's increased use of technology has helped modernize supply chain management for more transparency and cost-effectiveness. Because transportation and logistics companies use Edge and IoT to track the flow of their goods and store large amounts of data in the cloud, their digital footprint has grown, putting them on cybercriminals' radar.
The agriculture and food supply chain industry has had to deal with a double-edged sword: digital technology has helped it thrive while also exposing it to cyber security threats. The agriculture sector is increasingly becoming a target of cyber-attacks, with major consequences for rural populations' livelihoods and key infrastructure, such as supply networks.
The new industrial revolution is changing the way energy and utility companies operate. In parallel, the number of sophisticated cyberattacks against utilities and the energy business is increasing, and the threat to operational technologies (OT) has undoubtedly grown. Prioritizing cybersecurity is a critical concern for energy and utility companies looking to safeguard the integrity, productivity, and overall wellbeing of their operations.
What’s now deemed as the global Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) market is expected to reach $158 billion in 2022. Other reports estimate that the remote monitoring for healthcare could be worth $1.1 trillion by 2025 and that the market for connected medical devices is projected to reach $94.32 billion by 2026.
Like all living organisms, computer systems deemed smart have the ability to grow, develop, explore, and most importantly, learn. It almost feels incomplete to have a conversation about smart cities, buildings, or homes without adding Internet of Things (IoT) devices into the mix as they markedly help create an interconnected network of smart devices.
Overview of the most prominent Edge Cybersecurity predictions for 2022 to help you stay on top of the latest trends and protect your Edge accordingly.
We are proud to introduce you to AI EdgeLabs, the cornerstone of our cybersecurity solution offerings.
Because the surface area for attacks is greater, it’s more challenging to mitigate risks when working at the Edge. See the most prominent risk factors, their sources, and what you can do to prevent harm and losses.
Learn more about how AI goes above and beyond in protecting Edge and IoT infrastructures by adding several new layers of security posture for real-time analysis, early threat detection, remediation techniques, and more.
Autonomous, connected, and shared vehicles offer promising Edge cases but it also makes it one of the most severely affected industries when talking about cybersecurity.
The retail industry needs a robust security infrastructure at the Edge level to avoid some of the most harmful cyber attacks currently plaguing the industry.
Learn more about why Edge cybersecurity in railway is essential as digitization increases the surface attack area.
The oil and gas industry is a prime target for cyber threats of all kinds. See the main vulnerable areas in oil and gas, including control systems and OT.
See some of the most headline-grabbing incidents targeting the automotive industry during the past and current year.
The Manufacturing industry is less mature than others when it comes to Edge cybersecurity, making it highly vulnerable to ransomware and other cyber threats.
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