Tier-1 supplier for automotive was hit with ransomware and partnered with AI EdgeLabs for early threat detection and prevention
Farming organization chooses AI EdgeLabs to protect its food supply chains and feeding schedules for millions of cattle
Telecom company reduces attack surface via advanced network visibility, threat intelligence software, and automated remediation
Healthcare provider hit with malware uses AI EdgeLabs as a robust layer of security for their Edge and IoT infrastructure
Healthcare provider employs a unified and precise Edge network monitoring system with AI EdgeLabs
Developer of connected vehicles partners with AI EdgeLabs to detect, prevent, and respond to threats
Retailer was targeted with a credential phishing attack and employed AI EdgeLabs to protect their Edge and IoT infrastructure
Railway operator strengthens security posture with AI EdgeLabs' improved network visibility
Telecom company faced an MEC-based cyberattack, prompting them to strengthen their cybersecurity posture
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