What is AI EdgeLabs?
AI EdgeLabs is a powerful and autonomous cybersecurity AI platform that helps security teams respond immediately to ongoing attacks and protect Edge/IoT infrastructures against malware, DDoS, botnets, and other threats. AI EdgeLabs delivers cybersecurity measures by bringing network visibility, early threat detection, and automated incident response in the Edge and on-prem environments.
AI EdgeLabs Components
Lightweight piece of software that can be installed in the Edge and work as an autonomous threat detection and prevention system. The Sensor is the agent that holds AI models to extract network-based data points and provide threat detection and prevention on the spot.
API server that acts as the communication bridge connecting Edges, Security Operation Teams, and the AI EdgeLabs infrastructure. It stores incidents, features, and historical data, as well as a threat knowledge base. Backbone provides core functionality for alert mitigation and deduplication. The Sensor sends compacted telemetry data and registers alerts directly on the platform’s Backbone.
The Lab
Internal ecosystem for the Data Science and Security R&D teams to research threat patterns, re-train AI models, and maintain a knowledge base of threats and attacks known on the market to detect new threats with AI.
How does the AI EdgeLabs Sensor work?

The EdgeLabs Sensor is a proprietary network telemetry and monitoring agent that continuously analyzes and models network behavior of a particular Edge node. It holds an AI-powered model stack that continuously checks inbound and outbound connectivity via pre-trained AI models.

With EdgeLabs Sensor, infrastructure teams can locate hidden network threats and zero-day attacks that might cause business disruption. The sensor models normal and abnormal connectivity states and immediately reports them to Operation teams with cause and recommends remediation actions for the incidents.

During the first deployment, the EdgeLabs Sensor runs a configurable set of security checks and topology research to collect the initial context of the environment. Collected data is then analyzed by the EdgeLabs AI Platform™ (ELAP).

ELAP provides a set of AI-based models which are pre-trained in the existing knowledge base of threat patterns and attack signatures; this pre-training is always done centrally on ELAP. By running these collections from a fleet of well-distributed/placed EdgeLabs Sensors, the AI Security team can dramatically improve the precision with which they instrument, monitor, and maintain their application delivery infrastructure.

Generate near-time visibility of infrastructure and application performance.
Prevent and block threat sources in real-time.
Integrate cloud-based and on-premises application performance monitoring.
Monitor SaaS applications from your users' vantage point.
Monitor IaaS resources from your users' vantage point.
Integration and implementation phases
AI EdgeLabs is packed for immediate use and we offer prospects a trial of the solution to try out the basic functionality.
Sensors can be deployed directly to the Edge Server or OT/IoT Gateway directly to the host operating system. Two kinds of integration are supported: Kubernetes-based integration based in containers and Linux-native installations.
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