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About Us

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We bring together AI, cybersecurity, and passion.

At AI EdgeLabs, we are advocates of merging cybersecurity and AI expertise to deliver to our clients advanced levels of protection at every layer and for every industry.

Who We Are

Innovation, transparency, intelligent technologies. That’s our DNA. We always go above and beyond to achieve for our clients the best results possible in relation to our portfolio of solutions and services.
The masterminds behind AI EdgeLabs are global professionals based out of Ukraine, Poland, the US, Mexico, Israel, and Canada. AI EdgeLabs' individuals bring unique talents to the table, developing security solutions for the newest technologies.

Our Mission:

To protect a new highly interconnected world against any kind of threat and ongoing attack assertively and immediately, with the accuracy it demands.

Why we created AI EdgeLabs

Similar to our parent company, Scalarr, our solution at its core has a straightforward vision: to help protect clients against cyber criminal acts. Of course, when going into greater detail, the vision becomes more nuanced, targeting specific pain points of an environment that has notoriously put cybersecurity as an afterthought.
AI EdgeLabs was born out of the knowledge we earned from witnessing firsthand how clients were getting constantly attacked across their organization’s Edge and IoT/OT infrastructures.
AI EdgeLabs created towards making that vision a reality, always putting transparency and smart technologies at the forefront of its portfolio of solutions for early, accurate, and effective cybersecurity for the Edge/IoT industries.
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Scalarr has been on a mission to be the go-to solution for
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as the most advanced and accurate for early and effective threat
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