Inna Ushakova is featured in to share her experience of leading the company during wartime.
Back on October, 14, 2014, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a law that made "Defender of Ukraine Day" a new holiday.
We share the story of our colleague Ray Salloom, our Customer Success Manager, where he talks about his remote work journey.
The AI EdgeLabs team shares what Independence means to them, why they love Ukraine, and how they help Ukraine win.
With remote work here to stay, we explore the experiences from our global team on how they make it work.
#ScalarrTeams shows how our team copes and supports each other during difficult times to achieve company goals.
Inna’s story in The Times of how she helped her team navigate through the war.
We share the stories of our team who try to find war-life balance.
See what the experts say are the best tips to thrive as a data scientist.
A story joining the volunteering initiative and combining work while assisting Ukraine.
Story from a colleague about the harsh reality of the war and the road ahead.
Since day one, the AI EdgeLabs team has been volunteering and is actively helping the people of Kharkiv and the region.
Russia's unjustified full-scale war on Ukraine has lasted over six months. We've been quiet. Yes, but we never stopped helping.
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