On February 24, when Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Scalarr’s CEO Inna Ushakova, decided not to stand on the sidelines and actively volunteer to help those in vulnerable situations in Kharkiv city and its region In this series, we share the stories of our Scalarr colleagues who have been combining work and volunteering for four months now.
Hello, I’m Masha Isaeva and I am Ukrainian, born and raised in Kharkiv. There I have my beloved family, best friends, and the company I work for as a Data Scientist, Scalarr.
Since day one, the Scalarr team has been involved in the volunteer movement and is actively helping the people of Kharkiv and the region. But almost immediately, it became clear that the best results were achieved by working in synergy and joining forces. In March, four Kharkiv companies, including Scalarr, GenPro, IdeaSoft, and Sigma Software Group, created the Help Kharkiv organization. The initiative brought together about 250 volunteers working 24/7.
Almost three months have passed since Russia began its unprovoked full-scale war against Ukraine. We have been silent all these days. Silent yes, but we never stopped working and helping as much as we could. The life and safety of our team members and their families have always been our first priority.
After almost three months of Russia's full-scale and unprovoked war against Ukraine, Scalarr/AI Edge Labs has actively made the safety of its team members the number one priority.
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