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IoT Threats in Telco
IoT Threats in Telco
November 04, 2022


Our client is a major telecommunications company that offers a plethora of business services including high-speed internet, landline solutions, and VoIP. As the amount of Internet of Things data and devices grows quickly, it creates a huge and complicated attack surface that is a big risk for telecommunication operators and the economy as a whole.

With an escalating volume and severity of cyber attacks caused by IoT devices in their enterprise partners, our client was in dire need of more sophisticated security to position itself as a trusted partner.

In this case study, you will learn how our client uses AI EdgeLabs to reduce their cyber attack surface via advanced network visibility, threat intelligence software for early threat detection, and automated incident and remediation protocols in real-time. By protecting their IoT infrastructure and network, our client can focus on scaling operations confidently by staying safe and productive.

The challenge

Our client noticed a big gap in their cybersecurity posture when they realized that endpoint edge devices enabled by IoT technology posed one of its biggest vulnerabilities for unauthorized access to their network, with too many red flags coming up frequently.

With this in mind, our client checked to see where the company's security measures fell short. The team quickly found they had some major blind spots. They didn't know what assets were connecting to the network, what assets needed patches, or what devices were vulnerable.

There was no visibility, and our client had no idea how vulnerable they were. They didn't have a way to keep track of threats and weaknesses for their many assets, which ran different versions of operating systems and had different configurations. They knew that if they didn't get the network visibility, end users and enterprise clients could have serious service outages, and they couldn't afford to take that risk.

It was imperative for the company to partner with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution provider who could strengthen and improve their security posture to avoid service outages, disruption, connectivity interruptions, asset abuse, system hijacking, and IoT-based attacks, to name a few.

AI EdgeLabs solution: combining asset discovery and vulnerability management

Our client began to collaborate with us to have technology that easily fits into their existing deployments and gives them more visibility across their network, accurate threat detection, and actionable data-driven information for interoperability in operational technology (OT), information technology (IT), and IoT environments.

With our client’s implementation of AI EdgeLabs’ automation for IoT security, we:

  • Identified network ports where suspicious devices were located and disabled said port and/or devices.
  • Collected monitoring and reporting data from suspicious endpoints for deeper analysis.
  • Suspended compromised accounts and halted account access for all suspicious devices.
  • Killed infected connections by updating access control lists with smart firewalling.
  • Discontinued irregular or blacklisted processes on critical devices with automated incident response protocols.
  • Improved security posture, network threat detection, and malware detection.
  • Addressed the new and emerging concerns of their rapidly growing IoT infrastructure.
  • Stopped IoT-based attacks before they even had the chance of causing harm.
  • Alerted the network and security teams with real-time information about threats and attacks.
  • Set up a distributed defense infrastructure that was easy to scale.

Industry-wide IoT vulnerabilities in Telecom

IoT technology allows telecommunications operators to deliver advanced device reliability and connectivity thanks to performance monitoring tools that track performance. Much like in the case of our client, IoT cybersecurity requires new ways or approaches to protect IoT infrastructure connectivity, especially as it moves closer to the edge.

Connectivity that is fast, reliable, and safe seems to be a constant challenge for telecommunication operators in the hybrid work era and beyond. In the case of our client, both their enterprise and end user clients were exposed to greater IoT risks after the pandemic thanks to remote work as the number of unsecured IoT devices grew, permeating nearly every organization’s business network.

Industry-wide, telecommunication operators need to implement extremely reliable and robust detection and protection cybersecurity systems to monitor potential or ongoing safety breaches and automatically respond and remediate.

AI EdgeLabs is an edge-focused intelligent detection and response (IDR) platform that delivers network threat detection and remediation. Considering that IoT infrastructure is growing rapidly, AI EdgeLabs delivers automated detection, prevention, and protection to accurately remediate and address incidents in IoT infrastructures in real-time.

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