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Industry 4.0 Empowered: Unified Cybersecurity Solution for Linux-Based IT/IOT and Edge Systems

Industry 4.0 Empowered: Unified Cybersecurity Solution for Linux-Based IT/IOT and Edge Systems

Overview of 4 case studies from different industries
June 20, 2024

Edge computing is driving digital transformation by simplifying complex processes and significantly boosting cybersecurity measures at the Edge. AI EdgeLabs is at the forefront of this revolution, setting new standards with its Linux-based Unified Security, designed to protect distributed Edge and IoT environments. This article delves into four compelling case studies, showcasing how AI EdgeLabs' customers leverage Edge Computing for automation while integrating advanced AI-based cybersecurity solutions.

Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges in Decentralized Computing Environments

Edge Computing represents a decentralized framework, bringing data processing closer to where users and devices interact with the digital network. As businesses modernize their operations, the demand for sophisticated cybersecurity solutions in these distributed and often resource-constrained environments grows. Traditional cybersecurity solutions often fall short, lacking autonomy, ease of deployment, and management capabilities, and are typically hardware-dependent, driving up infrastructure costs and operational overhead.

Case study 1. Resource-wise Edge and IoT Protection On-device for Energy Company in Spain 

A leading Spanish-based energy company Cuerva, faced significant cybersecurity threats across its diversified and distributed infrastructure. To tackle these challenges, the company partnered with AI EdgeLabs, employing a sophisticated cybersecurity solution tailored to its unique needs.

AI EdgeLabs' cybersecurity agents exceeded Cuerva's expectations.

They are lightweight, using only 200-300 Mb of memory and 5% CPU, and work autonomously, providing continuous protection even without constant cloud connection. Moreover, they minimize network traffic, using just up to 300Mb per month, boosting efficiency and effectiveness.



Cuerva boosted cybersecurity for its renewable energy infrastructure, achieving NIS 2 compliance. AI EdgeLabs' solution aligns with Cuerva's sustainability goals, fortifying its leadership in renewable energy.


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Case study 2. Robust Scalability and Full Protection for Traffic Management Company in the US

Rekor, a US-Based leader in traffic management, faced escalating cyber threats targeting their infrastructure, reliant on roadside sensors and Edge Processing Units (EPUs). These threats included malware, ransomware, EDR attacks, network-based attacks (DDoS, MITM, brute force), and SSH vulnerabilities (like SSH-Snake).

Their challenge was to implement a cybersecurity solution addressing these threats while aligning with hardware requirements.

Edgelabs' solution performed exceptionally, detecting threats and attacks in real-time with minimal impact on system resources (no more than 300Mb of memory and 5% CPU usage), and meeting SLAs.

It was deployed to thousands of EPUs in a matter of hours without the need for any downtime and consumes around 150-170 Mb of bandwidth per month.

Autonomous functionality, even offline, proved highly beneficial for Rekor's dispersed Edge devices.


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Case study 3. Real-time Cyber-resilience for Edge Deployments with Intermittent Connectivity for Oil & Gas Company from the US

The US-based Oil & Gas company wanted to make sure their edge deployments at refineries could continuously withstand software-based attacks.

To avoid potential risks and to increase operational resilience, Oil & Gas company replaced control systems with the AI EdgeLabs solution.

AI EdgeLabs agent ensures protection and prevention against malware or other dangerous activities on the host and prevents replication malware to the second replica of the Redundant Edge. 

Oil & Gas company dramatically enhanced its cybersecurity resilience across its refinery distributed infrastructure ensuring its business continuity where downtime is unacceptable. 


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Case study 4. One-click Edge Cybersecurity Deployment with Immediate Outputs to Protect Industrial Customer  

The EU-based manufacturing company Scale computing faces a major challenge: providing ongoing protection for their global IoT/OT environments. They deal with diverse legacy systems, limited resources, remote locations, and a shortage of skilled security specialists.


During testing, EdgeLabs processed 7 Terabytes of network data, supported threat detection on up to 36 network ports, and protected over 1,500 network interfaces on different variations of deployments.

Deployment configurations ranged from standard Debian-based setups to micro-k8s on both cloud and dedicated deployments, with added support for VLAN Tags in threat detection algorithms for improved security.

The customer deployed AI EdgeLabs across their three main plants in different locations within one month, significantly enhancing security and resilience. AI EdgeLabs' real-time threat detection and response thwarted multiple powerful DDoS attacks and ransomware attempts over the past three months.


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