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Supercharge Your SOC with AI Security Assistant and AI-Generated Playbooks

Supercharge Your SOC with AI Security Assistant and AI-Generated Playbooks

July 02, 2024

In the modern threat landscape, security teams face an overwhelming number of alerts and labor-intensive investigations. To tackle these issues, AI EdgeLabs has launched the AI Security Assistant and AI-generated playbooks. These cutting-edge tools significantly boost threat detection and response, empowering security teams to work more efficiently and effectively. By leveraging sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, these solutions provide structured, actionable insights that simplify security operations and improve overall threat management.

AI Security Assistant (AISA): A Revolutionary Cybersecurity Tool

The AI Security Assistant (AISA) by AI EdgeLabs is a pioneering tool crafted to transform how security teams handle intricate endpoint detection and response (EDR) alerts. AISA converts raw alerts into organized, easy-to-comprehend summaries by leveraging advanced language models and AI algorithms to decode technical data. This method highlights the most crucial elements of the alert, including the nature of the threat, its potential impact, and suggested actions.

Key Features of AI Security Assistant:

  • Simplify Complex Alerts: AISA translates intricate EDR alerts into structured data, making it easier for analysts to comprehend and act upon. This includes detailed explanations of alerts and recommended mitigation steps.

  • Quickly Identify and Prioritize Threats: Instant summaries and interpretations of EDR alerts help SOC specialists swiftly identify and prioritize threats, accelerating the initial sorting process.

  • High Accuracy with AI-Generated Playbooks: Automated interpretation minimizes human error, providing rapid and precise threat responses and enhancing overall understanding.


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Revolutionizing SOCs with AI-Generated Playbooks

AI-generated Playbooks are a transformative solution for SOCs, offering real time, customized guidance specifically tailored to EDR alerts. These playbooks are composed of two primary components: the Information Playbook and the Action Playbook, each crafted to deliver investigatory insights and actionable steps.

Information Playbook

The Information Playbook furnishes SOC teams with comprehensive investigative insights to comprehend and neutralize threats:

  • Process Inspection: Analyzes command history and behavior of suspicious processes.

  • File Analysis: Examines files accessed or altered by threats, reviewing logs and modification times.

  • Network Investigation: Tracks network connections to identify potential malicious actors.

  • Log Analysis: Follows the digital breadcrumb trail through system and application logs to uncover threat activities.


Action Playbook

The Action Playbook provides precise steps to immediately neutralize threats, including:

  • Isolation: Halts the execution of harmful processes and binaries.

  • Process Termination: Issues commands to instantly terminate rogue processes.

  • Network Blocking: Blocks suspicious network ports or IP addresses to sever malicious communication.

  • System Updates: Recommends critical system updates to close exploited vulnerabilities.

These playbooks function in real-time, reducing the delay between alert detection and mitigation. They are equipped with custom bash commands and scripts, ready for deployment by SOC teams. The LLM models generate these commands and scripts tailored to each specific EDR alert, ensuring a precise and effective response.


AI EdgeLabs’ AI Security Assistant and AI-generated playbooks represent a significant leap forward in cybersecurity, offering intelligent tools that enhance the capabilities of security operations centers. By simplifying complex alerts, providing accurate threat assessments, and delivering actionable insights, these solutions enable SOC teams to respond to threats more swiftly and effectively. The integration of AI technologies into security operations not only boosts efficiency but also ensures a more robust and resilient defense against cyber threats. In an era where cyber risks are constantly evolving, AI EdgeLabs’ innovations offer the ultimate protection for systems ranging from edge computers to cloud infrastructures.

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