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Why choose AI EdgeLabs?

Why choose AI EdgeLabs?

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July 08, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions that not only enhance security but also optimize costs. AI EdgeLabs offers an innovative approach that significantly outperforms traditional methods, providing enhanced security while reducing costs and complexity. This article explores the key reasons why AI EdgeLabs is a better choice for modern enterprises.

Comprehensive and Real-Time Threat Detection

AI EdgeLabs integrates Network Detection and Response (NDR), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Application Security into a single, lightweight agent that can be deployed as a container to any Linux-based systems like cloud instance, kubernetes cluster, edge devices, smart IOT devices. This integration ensures that threats are detected and mitigated in real-time, unlike traditional systems that often have delayed responses and require multiple separate solutions. Cloud-based security can also suffer from latency issues due to data being processed offsite. The AI-driven approach of EdgeLabs ensures 99.99% threat detection and attack type identification accuracy, offering immediate remediation and response capabilities right at the edge.

Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimization

Traditional cybersecurity solutions demand significant investment in virtual machine licenses, separate EDR, firewall, and NDR licenses, along with high operational and maintenance costs. Cloud-based solutions, while often reducing upfront hardware costs, can lead to substantial ongoing subscription fees and data egress charges. These systems also consume substantial resources, leading to increased hardware requirements and higher costs over time. In contrast, AI EdgeLabs consolidates these functionalities into a single container-based solution, that is autonomous and offers 100% locality in data processing, providing response at the kernel level and drastically reducing the number of required licenses and the associated costs. The EdgeLabs approach uses minimal system resources, requiring less than 4% CPU / 0.5% vCPU, where the agent itself weighs only 200-300Mb, which translates to lower operational costs and less need for frequent hardware upgrades.

Simplified Deployment and Maintenance

One of the standout features of AI EdgeLabs is its ease of deployment and maintenance. Traditional solutions often involve complex configurations, integrations, and continuous patch management. Cloud solutions, while easier to deploy initially, still require ongoing management and integration with on-premise systems. AI EdgeLabs, however, offers a plug-and-play setup with automatic updates, eliminating the need for extensive configuration and ongoing maintenance. This simplicity not only reduces the time and effort required to get the system up and running but also minimizes the need for specialized personnel, further cutting costs.

Data Sovereignty and Privacy

AI EdgeLabs ensures that data is processed and protected at the level of information IT/IOT assets within the client’s environment, maintaining data sovereignty and complying with stringent data privacy policies. In contrast, cloud solutions often involve data being sent to and processed in remote servers, raising concerns about data privacy and compliance with local regulations.

Scalability and Adaptability

In an era where businesses need to be agile, the ability to scale security solutions quickly is crucial. AI EdgeLabs is designed with scalability in mind, allowing for the rapid deployment of the solution across multiple edge locations. This adaptability ensures that organizations can maintain robust security measures without the added complexity and cost of scaling traditional systems or cloud infrastructure. The EdgeLabs platform supports various deployment environments, including cloud, hybrid, and on-premise setups, making it versatile and suitable for different business needs.

Advanced AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

AI EdgeLabs leverages advanced AI and machine learning to enhance threat detection and response capabilities. This includes signature-based and anomaly-based detection methods that protect against a wide range of cyber threats, including ransomware and DDoS attacks. The use of AI and ML ensures that the system can detect zero-day attacks and other sophisticated threats that traditional rule-based systems and many cloud-based security services might miss. By processing data at the level of IT/IOT asset, AI EdgeLabs can quickly identify and respond to threats without the latency issues that can affect cloud-based systems.


AI EdgeLabs offers a compelling combination of cost efficiency, simplified deployment, comprehensive visibility, and advanced threat detection capabilities. By consolidating multiple security functions into a single, easy-to-manage platform, it not only reduces operational costs but also enhances the overall security posture of organizations. This makes AI EdgeLabs a superior and more cost-effective choice compared to traditional cybersecurity solutions and cloud-based approaches.


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