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Edgelabs Use Case Railway


Edge Cybersecurity in Railway

According to Fortune Business Insights, “Railway Cyber Security Market Size, Growth and Report [2028]”, the global railway cyber security market stood at $9.18 billion in 2020. In that same report, it’s also estimated the market was projected to reach $9.77 billion in 2021 and grow to $16.72 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 7.97% during the 2021-2028 period.
In a world that is increasingly connected and digital, cybersecurity is no longer an operational requirement, it’s an economic necessity that is vital to the continued health of an industry that is in dire need of modernization.
There are three key aspects of the railway system: the command and control systems which deal with safety and signaling, rail traffic and operations which helps keep trains on schedule, and the corporate side of the business which oversees the system’s interaction with customers.
Edgelabs Use Case Railway
Real-time data sharing offers substantial gains for passengers, operators, regulators, and OEMs, including the ability to keep schedules, operate cost-effectively, and offer competitive transportation services. Real-time data helps railways gain abilities and automation to streamline passenger flow, identify and mitigate risks, and optimize energy consumption to reduce emissions.
Edge and artificial intelligence are powering railway modernization and re-shaping its future by identifying improvement areas, automating routine tasks, enhancing communication systems, tracking specific parameters, creating new rules, and more.
With so much data being generated at the Edge, the real challenge lies in securing it against cybersecurity software threats and attacks.

Edge Security Risk Use Cases in Railway

Secure Railway Edge/IoT environment

Edgelabs Use Case Railway
As security concerns continue to ramp up in the railway industry, the need for end-to-end security is reaching a critical point. Railway systems need to have smart solutions such as cyber threat intelligence embedded to discern cybersecurity software threats from non-threats, with remediation actions to keep them at bay.
Edge helps overcome latency and bandwidth challenges, moving data and providing a reliable system operation, but inevitably, it also comes with many vulnerabilities that cyber criminals exploit to attack the Edge.
Cybersecurity products and threat analysis software need to start with a risk analysis to know what’s inside your equipment and what role it plays in your system. Areas like power control, level crossing automation, and signaling systems are essential, meaning you need to accurately detect and reduce vulnerabilities as they can destroy digital assets, compromise the system, or result in the loss of information.

Data transfer protection in real-time

Edgelabs Use Case Railway
Data collection and real-time information help power decision-making and provide customers with useful and up-to-date information. Big data covering millions of customer journeys can also be used for purposes such as transport and infrastructure planning.
The industry is exploring novel methods of obtaining and analyzing passenger data and train operations, for example on-train sensors, trackside signals, and smart ticketing apps. Onboard computers collect, process, and store device data locally. Said data is transferred in near-life mode over 4G or 5G connections as the train is moving, with some portions of the data retrieved via Wi-Fi and others transmitted to the cloud.
Usually, train systems are encrypted with mutual TLS or VPNs, but this architecture is also prone to brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, or scanning vulnerabilities.
The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, with more complicated attacks being developed all the time and it is imperative that the rail industry keeps pace with these developments to protect their data and critical infrastructure.
The more the industry relies on digitization, the bigger the possibility of attack and the higher the risk to passenger safety and security of rail assets. Breakdowns, signal failures, software failures, and passenger data breaches are all potential consequences of a cyber-attack, let alone the possible reputation and financial damage.

How AI EdgeLabs Can Strengthen Cybersecurity in Railway

Through digitalization, railroads are now able to drastically improve their maintenance processes.
Currently, an increasing number of businesses rely on the following technologies: Industry 4.0, which includes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), edge computing, big data, analytics, and cloud computing, allows maintenance agents to gather real-time status information about onboard equipment, while also introducing new approaches to flexible production, preventive and predictive maintenance, and remote quality control for rolling stock.
When it comes to rolling stock equipment and monitoring, Edge servers that are connected to 5G/4G or even Wi-Fi networks are present on board the train.
Edgelabs Use Case Railway
AI EdgeLabs is a powerful cybersecurity product that offers an AI platform for Edge and IoT infrastructures that provides advanced network visibility, threat analysis software for early threat detection, automated incident response and remediation, and autonomous AI to respond immediately to ongoing attacks.
Edge Labs can ensure IoT cybersecurity by safeguarding assets on railway platforms from network attacks, as well as secure equipment from network attacks. On-board Edge AI Sensors could give various preventive measures against DDoS, Botnets, and hacking attempts against client data and digital assets.
Edge Labs helps linked IoT devices manage their digital assets. To prevent misuse and intrusion, unnecessary or underused interfaces to edge and IoT devices should be disabled or restricted. Additionally, AI EdgeLabs algorithms ensure immediate anomaly detection and threat classification, reducing the time for incident resolution & response.
USB ports, Ethernet ports, fiber channel ports, various wired networking ports, and card readers are all common physical interfaces found on modern electronics. Wireless interfaces, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and cellular (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), 5G), are less apparent but as common. Unused physical interfaces can be covered with glue, safeguarded with locks, or even desoldered from the circuit board for more protection than merely deactivating them.
A network security approach that includes an Edge Labs IDS can be quite effective. The deployment of such cybersecurity products is critical as an IDS compares activities to attack signatures, which are collections of identifying characteristics of an attack or trend. As proven , the Internet of Things is extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks, mainly because equipment is frequently left unattended for most of the time, making it relatively easy to attack physically; most communications are wireless, for example, Man-in-the-Middle attacks which are one of the most prevalent IoT cybersecurity attacks on railway systems, are more prone to take form.
As a result, exchanged messages may be vulnerable to eavesdropping, malicious routing, message tampering, and other attacks, compromising the IoRT system's security; and (3) multiple types of objects have limited energy and computation power, preventing them from implementing advanced security solutions. An IDS can monitor network traffic for these attacks and unusual activity in IoRT, and give alarms if they are identified.
Edgelabs Use Case Railway
Thanks to our cybersecurity product, a lightweight agent deployed on-premises and able to cope with unstable connectivity or offline operations, we provide asset visibility and discovery in OT/IT environments. AI EdgeLabs offers network data analysis in real-time as well as remediation by preserving low latency. Our mix of reinforcement learning and machine learning algorithms, our edge security platform protects your edge and OT/IT environments from network and software threats and zero-day attacks with up to 99% accuracy.
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