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Inna Ushakova joins EBAN to talk about cybersecurity

Inna Ushakova joins EBAN to talk about cybersecurity

May 27, 2022

On May 22, 2022, Inna Ushakova, AI EdgeLabs CEO and founder, joined the EBAN - European Business Angels Network congress held in Cork which was co-organized by the CorkBIC and the InvestEU Portal organizations.

Inna took part in the Deep Tech for a Safer Europe panel discussion with esteemed co-panelists Edna Conway (VP & GM Global Security, Risk & Compliance, Azure Hardware Systems & Infrastructure at Microsoft), Fiona Moloney (CEO and co-founder @HaloSOS, Oleh Derevianko (co-founder @GuardYoo), and Ronan Murphy (CEO @Smart Tech 247).

During the panel, Inna addressed vital issues on her business agenda, ranging from edge computing technology, the strategic importance of cybersecurity, and the potential global consequences if a business ignores the threats. To exemplify this, Inna talked about the nuclear energy sector leveraging edge computing and having the highest global impact on human lives.

"Logistics, transportation, nuclear power plants, and automotive cars, just to mention a few, are connected these days. Unfortunately, most cybersecurity solutions used across various sectors are often outdated or neglected, with numerous vulnerabilities that can impact business operations and financial performance tremendously.. Edge/IoT critical infrastructure requires the newest AI-powered cyber security autonomous solutions", Inna summarized.

Equally important, Inna was honored with the Special Recognition Award at the congress.

Thankful for the platform, the recognition, and the opportunity to talk about AI EdgeLabs’ mission to fight cybersecurity in Edge and IoT infrastructures, Inna was thrilled to participate in this in-person event to share more about her thought leadership.

Stand with Ukraine

While receiving her recognition, Inna used the congress platform to talk about Help Kharkiv, a humanitarian and volunteering group that she created alongside three Ukrainian entrepreneurs to deliver food and medicine packages to those affected by the war. She called upon allies to provide economic support and donate. Other means of showing support include investing in Ukrainian startups, hiring Ukrainian talent, and buying Ukrainian products and services to boost the country’s economy which is in critical condition.

You can donate here: https://www.helpkharkiv.org/

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