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Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe

May 27, 2022
The Hannover Messe hosted an expert group of thought leaders with insights on automation, digital ecosystems, and cybersecurity.

Fast approaching, the Hannover Messe event taking place digitally and on site on May 30, 2022 thru June 2, 2022, will host a rich, lively, and expert group of thought leaders who will share insights on topics ranging from automation, digital ecosystems, energy solutions, logistics, cloud and infrastructure, IT security, and more.

AI EdgeLabs will join this 2022 edition of the event to further talk about the risks and threats inherent to the security ecosystem, especially given the surge in the adoption of digitization in organizations, the number of connected devices, and the lax security measures in Edge and IoT infrastructures.

The event is notorious for hosting IT security industry experts who help organizations find solutions to secure their IT infrastructure. From the early detection of threats, the protection of sensitive data, the networking of highly critical infrastructures, data encryption, remediation protocols, and more, the event is packed with cutting-edge strategies and best practices.

After dealing with the aftermath of the destabilizing events of the past two years, a war that continues to rage on, and a global health crisis makes the case for why many organizations put cybersecurity on the back burner. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are taking advantage of that and now more than ever, we are seeing a sharp increase in cyber attacks targeting critical control systems, operational technology, legacy systems, and other vulnerabilities.

Our expertise in smart technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep reinforcement learning give us a vantage point to understand the main pain points across industries, all riddled with unique attack vectors.

The Hannover Messe event promises to be a profoundly valuable experience for those interested in networking, learning more about the challenges and trials across industries, solutions and strategies, and more. See you there!

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