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AI EdgeLabs - 100 Edge Computing Companies

AI EdgeLabs - 100 Edge Computing Companies

STL Partners has named AI EdgeLabs one of the top 2023 Edge Companies to watch.
February 16, 2023

Edge company to watch in 2023

For the second year in a row, AI EdgeLabs has been named as one of the 2023 Edge Companies to watch by the honorable STL Partners publication.

The list shares the spotlight for over 100 companies making an impact in the edge computing sphere with exciting developments coming in 2023, which is why

 AI EdgeLabs takes one of the coveted spots. 

“Tilly Gilbert, Principal Consultant and Edge Practice Lead at STL Partners concludes: “2022 was a very exciting year from an edge computing perspective with a raft of new product leases, partnership announcements and, of course, deployments. We’re delighted to feature AI Edgelabs as a company making waves in this space and it’s great to see their development as they gain new customers and enable new use cases. In particular, AI Edgelabs have contributed to the edge ecosystem this last year through their widespread partnership strategy and are helping to address some of the practicalities of scaling edge computing including how to do so in a secure and automated manner”.

As AI EdgeLabs continues to mature, we are seeing a rapid expansion in revenue streams and strategic partnerships that further cement AI EdgeLabs as a leading cybersecurity solution provider specializing in Edge and IoT distributed infrastructures. 

This recognition fuels our drive and commitment to our clients and partners to continue to advance edge security to the next level. 

We are honored to be a part of this highly reputable list and to share the spotlight with so many other notable companies disrupting the edge computing ecosystem.

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