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AI EdgeLabs at Embedded World 2023!

AI EdgeLabs at Embedded World 2023!

AI EdgeLabs joins Embedded World to highlight AI and automation for cybersecurity.
February 14, 2023

At Embedded World 2023, AI EdgeLabs + Scalarr will join the community of like-minded innovators and disruptors to present its advanced extended detection and response (XDR) cybersecurity platform powered by AI and automation.

Interested parties will be able to see firsthand the capabilities and features of this cybersecurity solution that specializes in protecting Edge and IoT infrastructures against even the slightest presence or threat of a cyber attack.

AI EdgeLabs representatives and the company’s CEO, Inna Ushakova, will be present at stand 3-107.

Highlights of the AI EdgeLabs presentation at Embedded World 2023 include the demonstration of the tool’s major features and benefits, inclusive of:

  • Pre-trained machine learning algorithms for immediate outputs
  • Self-learning neural networks to deal with complex, multi-layered threats and attacks
  • Self-adaptive learning platform to any infrastructure and traffic topology changes. Reinforcement learning to protect from 0-day attacks and provide autonomous response to incidents.
  • AI EdgeLabs is pre-trained and ready for immediate use, offering extensive proof of concepts for companies looking to secure their Edge/IoT environments.

We encourage participants to stop by and visit the AI EdgeLabs stand for greater details on this next-generation technology to detect and protect against any type of cyber attack, regardless of size, complexity, and speed.

See you there!

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