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Sunlight is the thinnest, fastest HyperConverged Infrastructure platform built for applications that run at the edge.
AI EdgeLabs:
AI EdgeLabs is a provider of AI-powered edge security solutions, allowing organizations to secure Edge and IoT environments.
Together, Sunlight and AI EdgeLabs offer a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to securely harness edge computing for their business growth. The seamless integration of EdgeLabs's edge security solutions with Sunlight's edge infrastructure platform offers a scalable, secure, and efficient solution for organizations looking to harness the benefits of edge computing.
Benefits of cooperating with us:
  • Instantaneous insights: edge computing solutions allow organizations to process data at the edge, providing real-time insights and enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions faster and more effectively.
  • Real-time threat detection enables immediate threat detection and response with 99% accuracy without delay, unlike cloud security solutions.
  • Autonomous response to security threats, helping to reduce the impact of a security incident and minimize downtime.
  • Continuous monitoring: driven by AI, Machine learning, and reinforcement learning algorithms, analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns and anomalies that indicate the earliest signal of a security threat 24/7 to stay ahead of evolving security risks.
  • Improved security posture due to thorough verification of the installed software for vulnerabilities and non-deterministic smart firewalling algorithms that protect all the network connectivity.
  • Enhanced compliance: sensitive data is not transmitted over the network.
  • Unlimited scalability: together we make it easy to securely deploy, run and manage the applications across 100s, or even 1000s, of remote sites with centralized management.
Seamless integration
The integration of Sunlight and AI EdgeLabs provides a scalable and secure solution optimized for high performance, runtime cost efficiency, and advanced cybersecurity protection. Organizations can now take advantage of the benefits of edge computing with the peace of mind of a fully protected environment.
Deploy AI EdgeLabs directly from the Sunlight AppLibrary (a component of Sunlight NexCenter), running on Edge servers with Sunlight HyperConverged Edge Infrastructure.
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