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Unlock the Potential of AI-Driven Cybersecurity, Streamlined Deployment, and Reliable Performance for Containerized Applications
In response to the surging demand for robust edge computing solutions, AI EdgeLabs and Scale Computing have united their expertise to craft an unparalleled edge computing solution. This innovative collaboration seamlessly merges the power of Scale Computing’s Platform with the advanced edge security capabilities of AI EdgeLabs, redefining the landscape of edge computing.
The result is a comprehensive solution that prioritizes high availability, security, continuous monitoring, and scalability at large.
Secure Edge Computing with Unmatched Reliability and Fleet Management
The integration of SC//Platform's highly available technology with AI EdgeLabs' cybersecurity platform yields a holistic solution providing real-time threat detection and response, continuous monitoring, high availability, and scalability with robust fleet management capabilities. Allowing enterprises to effortlessly deploy and oversee hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of sites in a matter of hours.
The joint solution ensures the uninterrupted operation of critical applications and facilitates efficient management of distributed edge deployments. Moreover, it proactively monitors and protects against data exfiltration, distributed ransomware attacks, and unauthorized access to centralized computing resources.
AI EdgeLabs for Advanced Edge Security
AI EdgeLabs’ platform is designed to automatically respond to ongoing attacks and safeguard Edge/IoT infrastructures against a myriad of threats including ransomware and malware, DDoS, botnets, Zero-day Attacks, and more.
AI EdgeLabs leverages on-device artificial intelligence and fine-tuned reinforcement learning models for resource-constrained environments that require no additional hardware and can operate without connectivity to the cloud.
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Scale Computing Platform for Edge and Distributed Enterprises
SC//Platform provides hyperconverged infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance at the edge. This platform facilitates running applications and processing data outside centralized data centers, bringing operations closer to where data is created and utilized. Leveraging SC//Fleet Manager enables centralized monitoring and management of distributed edge infrastructure deployments with minimal on-site IT personnel.
The award-winning SC//HyperCore software facilitates on-premises edge computing with high availability and disaster recovery to remote locations at an affordable cost. All SC//Hardware can be swiftly deployed, managed locally or remotely, and boasts near-instant self-healing capabilities.
Better Together
The collaboration between Scale Computing and AI EdgeLabs marks a significant advancement in the evolution of edge computing. By synergizing SC//Platform's edge computing capabilities with AI EdgeLabs' cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, this joint offering delivers a secure, scalable, and highly available edge computing platform. Tailored to meet the intricate requirements of distributed enterprises, it offers seamless deployment and management while prioritizing security and performance for mission-critical applications at the edge.
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Key Benefits of the Joint Solution:
Robust Cybersecurity Measures: AI EdgeLabs delivers real-time threat detection, automated incident response, and protection against a multitude of threats including malware and DDoS attacks.
Early Threat Detection: With AI EdgeLabs' early detection capabilities, ongoing attacks can be immediately addressed, minimizing potential damage and ensuring the security of edge and IoT infrastructures.
Continuous Monitoring: The joint solution ensures continuous monitoring of edge environments, proactively identifying and mitigating security risks such as data exfiltration and ransomware attacks.
Holistic Security Approach: By integrating SC//Platform's high availability with AI EdgeLabs' advanced security features, the solution provides a comprehensive security strategy, enhancing overall resilience and security.
  • Real-Time Threat Detection with 99% Accuracy
  • Reduced Downtime through Efficient Security Incident Mitigation
  • Early Identification of Security Threats through AI and Machine Learning
  • Enhanced Data Privacy and Compliance with On-Premises Edge Computing
  • Scalability and High Availability for Virtual Machines and Containers
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