Optimizing Edge Infrastructure with Autonomous Cybersecurity and Resilient Hardware
OnLogic and AI EdgeLabs have partnered to provide enterprises with an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates robust hardware with cutting-edge cybersecurity capabilities, tailored for edge computing environments.
OnLogic is a global industrial computer manufacturer who designs highly-configurable, solution-focused computers engineered for reliability at the IoT edge. Their systems operate in the world’s harshest environments, empowering customers to solve their most complex computing challenges, no matter their industry.
AI EdgeLabs is a powerful and autonomous cybersecurity AI solution to respond immediately to ongoing attacks and protect your Edge/IoT devices and critical infrastructure from malware, ransomware, DDoS, botnets, and other threats in real time.
The partnership between AI EdgeLabs and OnLogic marks a significant leap forward in edge computing technology, combining the unparalleled reliability of OnLogic's hardware with AI EdgeLabs' advanced cybersecurity solutions. The joint offering is designed to empower businesses to deploy and manage extensive networks of edge devices with unprecedented ease and security.
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Integration and Deployment
OnLogic supports seamless deployment of the AI EdgeLabs platform. Their edge servers and industrial computers, based on Linux and ARM platforms, are designed for effective power and bandwidth consumption while maintaining high reliability. This approach aligns perfectly with AI EdgeLabs' autonomous philosophy, which provides deep visibility into hidden threats through NDR and EDR, specific to the environments in which OnLogic operates. AI EdgeLabs ensures protection for distributed deployments, leveraging a grid of OnLogic devices across various locations. The solution’s low system footprint guarantees optimal performance and normal operation on the host, running threat detection AI models directly on the host to avoid unnecessary data transfer.
AI EdgeLabs provides protection for various grades of OnLogic hardware, with agents that can be easily activated on devices ranging from powerful AI computers to small industrial computers like the Factor 201 Raspberry Pi, equipped with minimal resources. Despite the compact size and limited capacity of some devices, AI EdgeLabs maintains efficient network and host data verification, keeping CPU usage between 5% and 10%, even on these tiny systems.
Key Features and Benefits of Joint Solution
  • Seamless Integration
    The combined solution integrates OnLogic’s industrial-grade hardware with AI EdgeLabs’ AI-powered cybersecurity platform, ensuring seamless operation and management across distributed edge deployments.
  • Enhanced Security
    Leveraging AI EdgeLabs' advanced threat detection and response capabilities, the solution provides robust protection against cyber threats, ensuring uninterrupted and secure operation of edge devices.
  • Scalability and Flexibility
    Designed to support a wide range of industries, the solution offers unparalleled scalability, allowing enterprises to efficiently manage and secure thousands of edge devices across diverse environments.
  • High Availability
    OnLogic’s reliable hardware solutions, combined with AI EdgeLabs’ high availability features, ensure continuous operation and minimize downtime, even in the most challenging conditions.
  • Simplified Deployment
    The joint solution streamlines the deployment process, making it easier for businesses to implement and scale their edge computing infrastructure without compromising on security or performance.
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