Home Blog News Next-Level Security Support: Introducing AI EdgeLabs AI Security Assistant
Next-Level Security Support: Introducing AI EdgeLabs AI Security Assistant

Next-Level Security Support: Introducing AI EdgeLabs AI Security Assistant

June 13, 2024

Dover, Del, 13 June, 2024 –(BUSINESS WIRE)– AI EdgeLabs, a leading provider of edge cybersecurity solutions, proudly announces the launch of AI Security Assistant (AISA), a cutting-edge tool designed to redefine the operations of Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, cybersecurity professionals are inundated with a vast volume of alerts, incidents, and data streams, making it challenging to detect, analyze, and respond to potential threats effectively. AISA alleviates this burden by providing comprehensive analyses, actionable insights, and streamlined workflows, enabling security specialists to navigate complex security challenges with confidence.

"We are thrilled to launch EdgeLabs AI Assistant, a game-changer in the realm of cybersecurity," said Inna Ushakova, CEO at AI EdgeLabs. "By automating routine tasks, categorizing alerts, and offering detailed explanations, AISA empowers security teams to focus their expertise on strategic initiatives, proactively defend against emerging threats, and safeguard their organizations' critical assets."

AISA represents a significant leap forward in AI-driven security solutions. It offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of SoC operations:

Detailed Analysis: AISA provides in-depth analyses of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), offering insights into potential impacts and attack scenarios.

Alert Classification: AISA categorizes alerts, identifies indicators of compromise, and recommends appropriate mitigation strategies, enabling SoC teams to prioritize and respond to threats efficiently.

Analytical Functions: Equipped with advanced analytical capabilities, AISA assists in managing alerts, and providing answers using a vast security knowledge database.

User-Friendly Interface: AISA offers an intuitive interface with three distinct user flows, each equipped with its own set of endpoints, data pipeline, and knowledge database. The options include:

  • AI Edgelabs Knowledge Base – for questions about the dashboard, settings, thread patterns,  MITRE techniques, and more. 

  • Alerts & Incidents – to investigate specific alerts or incidents and gain deeper insights.

  • Automatically Generated Actionable Playbooks – respond to security threats and ongoing attacks in real-time. 

"Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a solution that meets the evolving needs of security professionals," added Serhiy Protsenko, CAIO, AI EdgeLabs. "With EdgeLabs AI Assistant, organizations can elevate their security posture and proactively defend against cyber threats."

Watch AI Security Assistant in action:

About AI EdgeLabs:

AI EdgeLabs secures distributed edge computing infrastructure with cutting-edge Gen-AI-based cybersecurity solutions. Our integrated platform, featuring NDR, EDR, IDS, and IPS capabilities in a lightweight container, fortified by AI & ML, empowers organizations to combat complex cyber threats effectively. Leveraging existing distributed computing resources, we enable real-time threat detection and response closer to the point of attack with 99% accuracy ensuring organizations stay ahead of emerging threats.

Recognized for excellence, AI EdgeLabs has received prestigious awards such as the Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show Award at EW2023 and has been featured in Cybertech 100 and STL's Top 100 Edge Computing companies.

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