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AI EdgeLabs is a Red Hat Certified Product

AI EdgeLabs is a Red Hat Certified Product

Discover AI EdgeLabs at Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.
April 24, 2023

Red Hat, the global provider of open-source solutions, has announced the addition of AI EdgeLabs to its Ecosystem Catalogue. AI EdgeLabs has been rigorously tested, certified, and supported by Red Hat, ensuring that it is ready for deployment in enterprise environments.

AI EdgeLabs offers a comprehensive security solution for distributed edge infrastructure, and now it’s available for all Red Hat clients. The platform integrates seamlessly with Red Hat's OpenShift container platform, allowing users to easily deploy and manage their security solution within their existing infrastructure.

The AI EdgeLabs platform uses advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to analyze network traffic and detect potential threats in real-time. It also provides a dashboard that allows users to monitor and manage their security posture across their entire distributed infrastructure.

"We are excited AI EdgeLabs added to our Ecosystem Catalogue," said Inna Ushakova, CEO and Founder of Scalarr / AI EdgeLabs. "Our AI-powered cybersecurity solution for distributed edge infrastructure is a valuable addition to Red Hat catalogue and offers their customers an innovative solution to secure their distributed infrastructure."

The addition of AI EdgeLabs to the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalogue highlights the increasing importance of AI-powered cybersecurity solutions in today's distributed and hybrid infrastructure environments. As organizations continue to adopt distributed and edge computing, they need solutions that can provide comprehensive security across their entire infrastructure, from the cloud to the edge.

With AI EdgeLabs, organizations can now deploy a tested, certified, and supported cybersecurity solution that uses the latest in machine learning and AI technology to protect their distributed infrastructure from potential threats.

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