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AI EdgeLabs at Edge Computing World 2022

AI EdgeLabs at Edge Computing World 2022

October 10, 2022

On October 11-12, 2022, AI EdgeLabs will be present in the 4th edition of the Edge Computing World event in the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley California where both our company and our CEO are nominated in exciting categories!

AI EdgeLabs is nominated for Edge Startup of the Year and Inna Ushakova, our CEO, is nominated for Edge Woman of the Year!

Winners will be announced at the event where the best Edge startups in the sphere will gather to highlight the quality and breadth of emerging companies in the vibrant edge space.

At the event, you can find out how Edge Computing will power the coming Age of Data in a responsible and sustainable way.

  • Listen to more than 100 speakers who are shaping Edge Computing right now.
  • See how much innovation is needed in Edge AI, Infrastructure, and Telecommunications to create a sustainable Edge.

Having Edge Computing World recognize AI EdgeLabs as one of the most exciting startups is a true honor and we are very proud of this acknowledgement.

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