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Partnership with Namla: Transforming Edge Computing Security Landscape

Partnership with Namla: Transforming Edge Computing Security Landscape

October 23, 2023
This partnership empowers businesses to fully leverage the potential of edge computing without compromising security

As companies with distributed network environments increasingly turn to edge computing to optimize capabilities and fuel growth, the critical aspects of edge security are often overlooked. The unique challenges of edge computing, including latency, scalability, bandwidth limitations, privacy concerns, and the need for security at the source, have created a pressing need for robust, edge-native security solutions.

"In partnership with Namla, we deliver the highest level of protection and efficiency to organizations venturing into the world of edge computing. Together, we empower businesses to harness the full potential of edge computing, ensuring seamless operations and fostering business growth.”— Inna Ushakova, CEO at AI EdgeLabs.

"Cybersecurity at the edge is no longer a choice; it's a necessity. At Namla, we're dedicated to providing our customers with a cutting-edge Cloud Edge Orchestration platform. Our partnership with AiEdgeLabs is a game-changer in this pursuit. By combining our expertise in large-scale distributed edge infrastructure with AiEdgeLabs' AI-based security solutions, we empower our customers with a comprehensive and unmatched edge computing ecosystem. This partnership isn't just an advantage; it's the assurance that your edge infrastructure is not only efficient but also fortified against the evolving threat landscape." — Younes Khadraoui, Chief Business officer at Namla.

 Namla and AI EdgeLabs jointly ensure edge security, providing advanced protection for devices, applications, and data at the Edge. This encompasses IoT devices, sensors, gateways, and other edge infrastructure components.


Key Features of the Joint Partnership Solution:

  • Encryption and Authentication: Ensuring data integrity and secure access.

  • Visibility of Edge Networking Infrastructure: Gaining insights into edge components.

  • Real-time Detection and Response: Rapidly countering threats across Namla environments.

  • Autonomous Response to Network-based Threats: Enhancing cybersecurity posture.

  • Container-based Edge Asset Discovery and Monitoring: Simplifying asset management.

  • Autonomous IPS: Ensuring stable protection even with intermittent connectivity.

  • Comprehensive Threat Protection: Guarding against DDoS attacks, MiTM detection, Brute-Force attacks, Botnets, LLMNR vulnerabilities, Reconnaissance efforts, Malware, Ransomware, and more.

  • Zero-Touch Deployment: Streamlining implementation for seamless adoption.

  • Performance: Optimal network performance achieved through intelligent traffic routing across multiple paths. 

  • Availability: Enhanced network availability with built-in resiliency and failover mechanisms.

  • 360 visibility with Full Stack Monitoring & Observability functionalities.

  • Hardware agnostic: The solution runs on all modern X86, ARM, and Nvidia Devices.


Key benefits of the joint solution:

  • Real-time cybersecurity protection

  • Improved privacy

  • Decreased downtime

  • Bandwidth efficiency

  • Reduced latency

  • Optimized costs

  • Seamless scalability

  • Enhanced compliance


Thanks to Namla and AI EdgeLabs, businesses can now experience all the benefits that edge computing provides, including real-time processing, reduced latency, and improved efficiency, all while maintaining the highest level of protection for their distributed edge environments.


About AI Edge Labs

AI EdgeLabs is an AI-powered Edge-embedded cybersecurity solution for distributed Edge/IoT environments. It is a software-defined tool capable of identifying and responding to all types of threats in real-time, even with no connectivity and limited bandwidth.

About Namla

Namla is a revolutionary Cloud Edge Orchestration platform, equips companies with a comprehensive and efficient solution for deploying and managing their distributed infrastructure.

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